Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Matt Pond PA/ Rocky Votolato

I went to Lincoln Hall last night It's my favorite place to see a show because it's so clean, smells like (Metropolis) coffee, and the sound is amazing AMAZING

I wasn't disappointed I bought the ticket for myself as a birthday present (yeah, it's coming up, lurking, waiting for the right evil moment to pounce and make me older) I couldn't have picked a better show to go to Sure, the Bazan living room show in Wheaton would have been cool, but I've seen him and Wheaton quite a few times (and might be a little bitter for not having my living room chosen) and my heartfelt love for Matt Pond has grown so exponentially over the summer, I may have died if I didn't see him perform live

Oh God, it was a good show The crowd was a little quiet, and the words "tame" and "Monday" were used on a few occasions, but sometimes you're quiet because the music is too beautiful to add noise You need to show reverence Gentlemen, if you're reading this, I would have screamed and hollered, but it was just too pretty to deface with that static

Anyway, I love taking pictures and, while I am by no stretch a photographer, I think I caught some nice pictures and here they are

Listening to: the cricket in my house

xo kb

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