Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strange occurances

I'm just going to log when these things happen, because it's weird

Or not

For two weeks now, I've been thinking about this guy I used to work with at Starbucks in downtown Wheaton Not like romantically thinking about him, just randomly remembered him and wondered where he was in his life His face would pop into my head now and again I haven't seen him in 9, maybe 10 years Strange, but whatever

Then this morning at church, I'm walking up the stairs after dropping off the kids at Sunday school, and I see the back of this guy in line for coffee Short hair, thinning spot in the back, slight build, hoodie, and I knew *I KNEW* that it was him Walked past him in line, glanced over my shoulder and, sure as shit, it was


After the service, I went down to pick up the kids and he was waiting outside the same room I was heading for Of course, I recognized him, but he saw me and said, "Kate?" and I never get recognized, not ever We chatted a bit about church, about where we were at in our lives, then went on our separate ways

I wonder what that was all about

The other thing: My best friend forgot my birthday I just knew she would text me about it today, and sure enough had a text from her while I was at work tonight, "Happy Belated Birthday"

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