Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Chocolate's okay. Every great once in a while, I'll want some. My need will be for cake, and is satisfied after a few bites. I know that there are all sorts of chocolates, milk, dark. Various ratios of cacao that affect the flavor. That's cool. But chocolate just tastes like chocolate to me. My palate can distinguish the differences, but the heavy, chalky flavor is always the same.

I'm a vanilla girl. Does that make me plain? Because that's what people think when they think vanilla. Plain. I mean, when you're referring to something boring and ordinary you call it vanilla. How untrue.

Vanilla comes from an orchid. A freaking orchid, how beautiful is that? And there are four different types of vanilla on the market: Bourbon, Mexican, Tahitian, and West Indian. Each has a different flavor profile based on their growing region. I love this.

But mostly I love vanilla because it is subtle. It's used in so many recipes, yet infrequently an obvious ingredient. It enhances the flavors around it, adds depth and dimension without being noticed. But you notice its absence. Flavors fall flat. Vanilla is soft. It's modest. Never showy or abrasive. It doesn't smack your tongue with flavor, rather slowly reveals itself like a flower opening. Take the time to distinguish its nuances and you will taste the buttery, floral, spice, and nutty notes. Vanilla is exciting.

Listening to: The Joy Formidable

xo. kb.


  1. *jaw drops*
    *shakes head*
    *pries knife from heart*

  2. Patty, I had a feeling you wouldn't agree.

  3. Sorry, I couldn't resist poking you for this. I still love you, even if you do like vanilla. :)

  4. I love you too, but not as much as I love being poked. *winks*