Monday, July 25, 2011

Just thinking.

I'm doing this exercise called "Morning Pages." It's about the best thing ever. I get up before the kids so I have quiet, and long-hand write out three pages. Stream of conscious-style. Three pages, nothing shorter, and I thought I wouldn't have it in me to write that much, but I've done just fine. My elbow's a little sore, but whatever. You're not supposed to plan for writing, and you're especially not supposed to share what you've written, but today I stumbled upon something that I want to mull over here.

I was thinking about Renee Zellweger's character in Jerry Maguire. That scene between her and Bonnie Hunt (*love*) where she talks about her marriage. How the marriage wasn't happy, and then he died. I think about how intentional it was for her to be a widow and not a divorcee. Because as a widow, we're rooting for her. Poor girl, her husband died and now she's raising this boy on her own. Gosh, I hope she finds a man. Some great guy to love her kid and make her happy.

What would the story have looked like if she'd been divorced? Would we have wanted her to date? Would we have instead thought she should be at home with her kid? That she'd had her chance to find a partner, but failed and now should be focused on parenting only. And really, would Jerry have been so interested if there was an ex in the picture? Who wants that drama? That kid has a dad already, no need to step up or in.

No message here today. I was just thinking about when/if I date in the future and what that may look like. Feel free to comment. I'm interested in what you think.

Listening to: Super Mario Bros.

xo. kb.

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