Friday, July 15, 2011


My last dream before waking was centered at my best friend Nikki's house. My friend Sandy and I were watching the kids/house while Nikki was out. There were a few dirty dishes on the counter and a dishwasher full of clean ones, so the two of us emptied the dishwasher then put the dirties in. Sandy started to run the machine. "Wait!" I said, and stopped her hand. "It's not full." All I could think about was the waste of water, energy, detergent in running the dishwasher for such a small load. But Sandy replied, "Yes, but Nikki would rather come home to it clean." I realized she was right and we ran the machine.

While a dream about dishes isn't tops on my list of favorite dreams (there was this one about a boy and... *sigh*), I think this was good. I am this very anti-waste person. I pack the dishwasher strategically full before I run it. I wash clothes in cold water and adjust the water level for each load. I mind-map my route when driving to be efficient. I grocery shop when the fridge is empty. This is just how I am. But dream Sandy was right when she was talking about Nikki. Nikki's a clean freak. I go over for coffee and she's wiping down her kitchen counter instead of sitting. She folds and puts away all her kid's laundry so it's done neatly. She only recently stopped making her older girls' beds and has to fight the impulse to smooth the comforters after they go to school. Nikki would definitely rather an unfilled, but clean dishwasher. As her friend, I should have known that.

I'm reminded that we see the world through our own filters. Like a film over our eyes, and each of us looking through a different color. To be a good friend, parent, lover, we need to recognize those colors, be mindful of them, respect them. Embrace the idea and opportunity of a different experience. Because I live through blue, but it's good for me to see things yellow sometimes.

Listening to: The Joy Formidable

xo. kb.

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