Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on the job front.

I had my final interview yesterday for the position I've been hoping for. It's a good company, the pay is reasonable, I'd get a car, and *MOST IMPORTANT* it's a day job. That means no more evenings/weekends/holidays like I've always done. Le sigh. How freaking cool would that be? I have a nanny lined up for summer already, as well as an aunt who will take the kids while I'm away training. (Two two-week sessions in other parts of the country.) So I'm all planned out. If I get the job. If I get it. I try not to be too optimistic, because it seems the more I want something, the less likely I am to have it. I don't want to jinx things. Anyway, if I don't get my hopes up, the disappointment doesn't hurt as badly.

*That last statement is a lie. It hurts just the same.*

So I'm praying. And praying. And praying. And wishing every time the numbers on the clock are the same (you can wish more often than 11:11- 5:55 is my best wishing time), every time I lose an eyelash, every time I sneeze three times in a row. Because that's all I can do. That, and wait and see.

Listening to: Elliott Smith on shuffle. Maybe not my best choice for mood uplifting music, but it's raining and so what.

xo. kb.

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  1. I didn't mention that I killed a spider with my bare hands during the interview. Normally I would say that killing a spider in general would bring me bad karma, but my interview was with two dudes and they seemed to think me fairly badass for doing it. So there's that at least....