Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garage sales.

I'm having a garage sale this weekend. I had one last year, didn't sell a thing due to a gigantor monsoon, and ended up taking a car-full of bags to Goodwill. This year will be different. This year it won't rain. Actually, I have no idea if it will rain. I haven't checked the weather. But I'm hopeful.

I love garage sales. I rarely pick up anything at one, just because I'm not a person who buys things unless I need to. I'm not a candles around the house or silk flower-filled vases kind of girl. I don't do stuff. Frankly, accessories in general, household or otherwise, are clutter to me and give me the crowded feeling. So yeah, I don't buy, but I like to look at what people are trying to get rid of. What they've deemed unnecessary. What no longer holds significance. Those brass candlesticks, that 13" TV, the Whitesnake tapes. I guess when I think about it, I don't have any of those fun little things that people will give me a quarter for. I've never owned a Whitesnake tape. But I do have bags full in the garage, items ready to be priced, things I no longer need.

Purging is great- a cleansing release, a shedding of skin. I don't accumulate, but I have outgrown some things and have kept a lot I don't use. Jeans that cost a lot but are too big, those cute but ridiculous uncomfortable heels. The screen and tools for the fireplace I had at my last place and don't here, but hoped to have again one day. The cookbooks that look pretty, but I've never opened. They're all going.

I think we hold onto things that no longer serve us, that don't function in our lives, out of a sense of "I have this, I need to keep this."

There are times when we need to be cut-throat. To define what is essential and what is excess. And we need to purge. Cleanse. Free ourselves from the baggage. Be bare bones and simplified.

So I am. And maybe I'll make a little cash in the process.

Listening to: BOH. I'll move on one day, just not this one.

xo. kb.


  1. Hey, I have a Whitesnake DVD with three videos! Long story...

  2. Jeffe, I actually picture you as Tawni Katan-like.