Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fire Boy and the bike.

The kids and I took the dog for a walk after my run. The girls have scooters and bikes. FB had two scooters he left outside that were stolen, and a bike in the garage with a flat tire that he can't ride. No really, can't ride. He's refused to learn how and I've refused to argue with him about it. The girls are good about sharing their scooters with him when they ride their bikes, but this morning they both chose their scooters and FB was SOL. Walking with mom and sulking.

After looking at his sour puss and listening to him shuffle his feet for a block, I turned to him.

"Dude, you're learning to ride your bike today."

There was whining, but I didn't budge. We got home, got out the bike, and went out back to the trail. It took him several starts to gain balance, and FB started to huff and complain that he couldn't do it. So in traditional Kate fashion, I went into motivational speaker mode.

"The only reason you can't do it is because you've told yourself you can't. Believe in yourself and you can do anything."

(Btw, someone remind me of that will you?)

Anyway, literally two minutes later he had grasped the concept of peddle peddle peddle and was straight-line biking. Steering was another challenge, though, and he did a great job of straight-line biking right into the grass. He'd put his feet down and look up at me defeated.

"Sometimes you steer yourself into the grass. No big deal. Keep peddling. Find your way back to the path. It's harder, more struggle, but it's possible."

(Also, I don't speak English. I speak Metaphor.)

FB rolled his eyes at me, and I raised my brows at him, but he got back on the bike. And I'm so proud of him.

xo. kb.

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