Friday, January 21, 2011

The visuals, man.

I was listening to Silversun Pickups while on the elliptical today. When I run, I go 2 or 3 miles, depending upon how much time I have. When I elliptical, it is always 37 minutes. I think there was a reason for this at some point, but I've lost it along the way. Now it is just a habit. And the number is conveniently saved on the timer on my phone. But whatever. I'm straying.

I have a few artists I alternate among when I work out, and I know where I am time-wise based on the song that's playing. When I elliptical to SSPU, if I start my music first and timer second, I can get all the way through "Sort Of" (Swoon). So I always remember to start with music because I love that song. Here's why. It starts out as a loud, fuzz-fueled guitar and drum pounding song. Okay, fine. Then the solo happens. Oh my God. It's simple, really. Not intricate or masterful at all. But the drive behind it. It's the sound of motion. Truly. And I get visuals every time I hear it. Like I'm watching a movie. And the movie I'm watching is a race car on a track, every time the keyboard sounds, the car is rounding a curve. It's the craziest thing.

Anyway, this isn't unusual for me, these visuals. I write my novels this way. Okay, first I create the characters and come up with a story line, but then I watch it all unfold in my head like a film. When I write, I stop the action and record what happened. Sometimes I have to rewind and pause. What does he look like? What is her expression at this one moment? What does this room look like? What does the air smell like? I capture it, then press play again. Let it continue.

Having an image for the words helps me to see the details. I try to create a sensory experience for my characters and, hopefully, my readers. I want it to be more than words on a page.

Listening to: Silversun Pickups "Swoon"

xo. kb.

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