Friday, January 21, 2011

This post has been brought to you by the letter "S"

I'm going through another "S" phase folks. It's my comfort letter, the consoling color blue. I do this once a year at least, generally in winter when I can't run consistently and the confining cold starts to take its toll on my emotional/mental health. I don't notice it right away. Maybe it's been a week or two that I've been listening strictly to my "S" bands and artists, when I realize what's been happening. It occurred to me today after writing to Sunny Day Real Estate, cooking to Sia on, then working out to Silversun Pickups (which I have for the last three days). My "S" phase is the equivalent of an old sweatshirt, a bowl of chicken soup when you're sick, a hug from Mom.

Listening to: Silversun Pickups "Pikul EP"

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