Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Magical moments.

I was reading GOING BOVINE by Libba Bray yesterday, and one of her lines jumped out at me and caused me to gasp. "I was always afraid of saying the wrong thing, so I stopped talking." I'm not sure if Ms. Bray had one of those moments while writing that line that caused her to stop and sigh and appreciate that she'd just written a gem, but jeez it resonated with me.

This happens to me all the time while reading, and this is why I prefer to buy books rather than check them out of the library. Because I need to highlight. Like the time I freaked out while reading NUMB by Sean Ferrell and nearly highlighted twice before catching myself. (I noted the pages 137 and 164, but didn't write down the quotes and I'll continue to be angry with myself until I buy the damned book.)

This happens to me with music as well. Sometimes I'll be listening to a song, liking it, when a part makes me shiver and my stomach drops and my eyes go wide. Because I'm me, I made a list. (Those of you who ever read my blog on myspace have seen this list before- sorry for the repeat.)

Jane's Addiction- I could probably note a bunch. Here are the two that come to mind immediately. Ocean Size. That moment right after Perry yells, "3, 4" and the music starts like an explosion. It's so good (and when I said good my shoulders kind of scrunched in and I shiver). Also Then She Did. The last verse. "Will you say hello to my mom?" and the rest. Oh, I want to cry.

Indigo Girls- Virginia Woolf. The line, "And so it was for you, when the river eclipsed your life." When Emily sings that part her voice gets really intense. Lord, she writes beautiful songs. The next line, the melody isn't as moving, but the lyric is. "And sent your soul like a message in a bottle to me, and it was my rebirth."

The Fire Theft- Chain. The song is great, but the part I freak out about is where Jeremy sings, "I'm amazed..." the rest of the line is "I see the world in revolution" just so you know which "I'm amazed" I'm talking about.

The Jealous Sound- Hope For Us. The line "Kiss me on the mouth." Okay. Confession: I thought for the longest time that Blair said, "Kiss me open mouth" and that was about the sexiest thing I'd ever heard a man sing. Even still, if he ever came over and said that to me I would totally kiss him on the mouth. Open mouth. For sure. Just for singing that line. Damn.

Faith No More- Midlife Crisis. The end when it becomes chaotic and there are the three vocal lines all on top of each other. Oh my God.

Jeff Buckley- Grace. Why are almost all of these moments at the end of songs? Anyway, at the end where he goes up for that high note. He's just singing, "Oh." Who needs words when a man can reach that note and then hold it for, like, a million years?

Schubert- Mass in G Major. I sang this in high school twice, best my freshman year. The mass itself is lovely, but my favorite part is the Credo and, in particular, the crucifixion. You don't need to understand Latin to feel the sadness and anger in this moment and it's totally moving.

Bright Eyes- Bowl of Oranges. The entire song. Really. Listen to it.

So how about you guys? Are there any magical moments you've read or listened to that punched you in the gut in a really wonderful way?

xo. kb.


  1. Okay. Just found out the line in "Hope For Us" really is "Kiss me open mouth." I love the Jealous Sound so much more now.

  2. Here are the lines from NUMB I mentioned earlier:
    "...I wondered what makes some people go out and do things while others build shelters and reasons to not go anywhere."
    "I mean, all the most important stuff you do no one knows about but you. All your decisions and the little debates you have with yourself. That's where your life takes place."