Monday, August 23, 2010

"The End" is a bummer.

If it were up to me, every time I finish writing a book would look exactly like Romancing The Stone. Kathleen Turner's character drunkenly types up "THE END," finishes her bottle sobbing, celebrates by throwing her glass into the fire, then goes off on a crazy adventure in South America. I would gratefully accept sliding down a muddy hill, a nice romance, and a yacht in front of my house. I'd probably skip Michael Douglas. Swap in James Franco and I'm all in.

Okay. The point. The point is, it's a little anticlimactic to finish a book. You've written the big climax, you've resolved most of the character's struggles or problems, but it's still fresh in your mind like you're there. And of course, you've spent a great deal of time writing. Pouring your soul out onto the pages. Swept away with the story. And then what? When I finished JUST A LITTLE RAIN I printed it right away, then drove it to a friend in Algonquin to read. That was kind of fun, I guess, except that I handed it to her, then drove home. WHERE CURRENTS PULL ended and I made dinner. When I completed ABOVE THE WAVES on Friday, I made lunch for the kids then got ready for work.

Oooh! Exciting!

I know that finishing the first draft isn't the end. There are weeks of work, of reading and revising, ahead of me. And actually, I'm glad for that because I'm not ready to step away from the story. Not from any of them really (the three books are a collection) and I plan to edit the group (again) before querying. Still there is such a let down. Like coming home from summer camp. Like a hangover.

Funny. I've heard the best way to get rid of a hangover is to have another drink. I guess it's a little like that for authors as well. The best way to get over writing a book is to write another one.

...Now what to write about...

Listening to: my Conor Oberst Playlist. I love you Conor.


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