Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Update

I haven't been on my laptop in *gasp* two days, and I thought perhaps the period key would have magically fixed itself, that maybe it just needed a little rest, but that wasn't the case As you can see But the good news is that it's raining today, so at least there's that

It has been a whirlwind week, Matt Pond/Rocky Votolato on Monday, lots of working, my birthday on Thursday and a carrot cake, bacon cupcakes and St Louis on Friday and Saturday, getting lost on my drive home (and being helped back to the highway by two men with beers at a golf course, who had me follow their truck with Florida plates- not embarrassing for me at all, btw), wine with my neighbor Sandy last night (kinda forgot about that commitment and, ugh, I was tired), then getting the kids ready for a Cubs game and myself ready for church And I still have to run and work today

Yikes stripes

But in all, the best last few days I've had in ages and here are the highlights in pictures My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of the generous and lovely Steve Ulfelder at dinner- I was too in shock from being called old by our waitress to think of cameras

Me on my birthday, modeling my new black sports bra and Bon Iver CD

The card that came with my beautiful flowers from my stepmom, who said exactly the right thing at exactly the right time

Previously mentioned beautiful flowers and a slice of my birthday cake

The charming Bill Cameron and totally hawt Denise Swank at The Dubliner in St Louis

Dashing and not over-dressed Brooks Sherman, the knockout Trisha Leigh, and devastatingly handsome BC

Brooks in his new favorite hat

Breakfast of champions

The Mother Jones Monument

Listening to: matt pond PA "The Green Fury"

xo kb


  1. It was an awesome less than twenty-four hours in St. Louis! I'm so glad you came!!!!!!!

  2. Denise- YES!!! So great

    Steve- You may notice there are no pictures of me from St Louis either- that potted plant hid me well, don't you think?