Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random asides.

I am exclusively listening to "J" bands.

My lifelong obsession with the musical Annie has inspired me to name my newest MC after her. Yes, she has red hair.

Things in my life are not going at all how I wanted them to, but I don't think that means that they aren't going exactly as they should be.

That said, I'm still *sigh* unhappy about it.

That said, I'm trusting the Lord.

I do not like Mustangs. The cars. I know nothing about horses.

My shortest run now is a 5K. My average is 5 miles. My longest is until I fall over.

My neighbor called me a spinster. I need to accept that this may be true.

I love my twitter girlfriends.

I wish my kids didn't start school next week. I want to sell the house, move to the middle of nowhere, and homeschool.

That will never happen. Instead, I'm planning to use the time they're away to focus on writing.

I plan to finish my first draft by October.

I'm still actively looking for a job.

I'm still hopeful.

Listening to: The Joy Formidable- "Between the wreck there's heaven sent/ Between the choice I'd rather have/ And at the end a chapter goes/ And now the finish is the start"

xo. kb.


  1. Everytime you say "J" bands, I think you're listening to My Angel Is a Centerfold.

    Then my blood runs cold.

    You know, 'cause my memory has just been sold.

  2. Patrick, you're not allowed to quote bad songs on my blog. You now owe me big time. I'll think up something good.

  3. Stop saying JBand or that's going to be your new name - JBand Centerfold.

  4. I only said it that one time. And the "J" artists in my library are fantastic: Jane's Addiction, The Jealous Sound, Jeff Buckley, Jeremy Enigk, Jimmy Eat World, The Joy Formidable...
    But your nickname is cute, maybe not for me, but cute nonetheless.

  5. Well, JBand Centerfold, when I read you blog 5 times, it adds up.

  6. 5 times? Such blog love. I adore you. Also, don't call me that. Also, I wanted to say something else about five times, but instead I'm merely alluding to it.

  7. Are you calling me one of your twitter girlfriends?

  8. If the ruffle bottom pants fit...