Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I should be writing. I really should. I had intended to finish a chapter by today. I was supposed to start writing it yesterday, but I had this interview thing, then I did this long run thing, then I made these tamales and salsa and guacamole, then I drove to the city.... And today, I was all about writing. Gonna do it. Gonna get this chapter done. But then I did this crying thing, then this long uphill run thing, then more of this crying thing, then took this crazy long nap, then went to work.... So now I should be writing. And I will. Swear to God. But first, here's a song from my favorite band, Sunny Day Real Estate.

It's from my #1 concert ever, September 24, 2009 (#2, if you're interested, was Built To Spill in 1999) and it's my favorite song by them.

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