Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of school.

Today was the first day of school. A sad and exciting day always, because summer and its late nights, lazy days, pool lounging, free-for-all is over, but fall and its crisp nights, crunchy leaves, new teachers, pencils, paper, classmates begins. I usually love the first day of school. After nearly three months of having all three kids at home, I'm ready to ship the older ones off and chill with my baby. Except my baby is five and headed off to kindergarten this morning.

I swear I'm not a sap.

I am not one of those cry all the time moms, who can't bear for her kids to grow up and says things like, "It goes so fast." Except this summer I've kind of been one of those moms who cries all the time and can't bear for my kids to grow up and says things like, "It goes so fast."

So I wasn't anticipating feeling emotional about taking MG to school for the first time, because it's not traditional me, but of course, I did. Let me be clear: I DID NOT CRY. But I felt a catch in my throat and sighed a little more than usual (if you know me, you understand the significance of the sigh). She did great, by the way. Found her chair, listened to her teacher give first day instructions, reminded me that dancing isn't appropriate in class (her words, swear to God). And then afterward, we went out for lunch and hung around like old times. Which was great for me, but she kept saying, "I wish it was tomorrow and I was still in school and could ride the bus home."


I honestly don't know when they got so big.

Listening to: Built To Spill "Keep It Like A Secret"

xo. kb.

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