Thursday, July 28, 2011

A day in lyrics.

I woke up with a song in my head. This is not unusual. I wake up with a song in my head every morning, sometimes two songs. I won't keep the same songs all day- my head plays a bit like a radio station. I wish I could say like one of my awesome mixes, but my head songs have little, if any continuity. For instance, I woke up with Tegan and Sara's "The Con" but then moved on to "Oceans Apart" by The Fire Theft. Nothing alike.

What I think is interesting, is that I always get a specific line stuck. Kind of like when you get a taste for something (Cheetos) and the only thing you can do to remedy that need is to eat it (Cheetos). I wonder what it would look like if I kept a daily journal of these lines, to see if there is a message in it? Hmm.

So far today:
"Well nobody likes to, but I really like to cry. And nobody likes me maybe if I cry."
"But I promise this: I won't go my whole life telling you I don't need."
"I want love if love wants me. I want God if God wants me. I just can't hold on to what I believe."
"The moment is eternal if you think you want it. Moments arise."
"This fire grows higher."
"You said that it was bad timing, at least we had timing at all."
"Hold my breath for three more years, on my own on Saturdays, it's glorious."
"Some boys don't know how to love."

I'm going to come back to this post throughout the day and update. I think this might look cool. Or solidify everyone's assumption that I'm nuts.

Listening to: Not even anything, oddly enough.

xo. kb.

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  1. That so didn't turn out to be anything at all. Hahahaha!