Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes! Michigan!

I'm sitting on the largest deck I've ever seen on a house, enjoying the sounds of birds, the slow-moving river, and distant cars. I'm still in my jammies, haven't brushed my hair/teeth, and couldn't care less. This is awesome.

The kids are home, spending the weekend with their dad, and I'm up in Michigan at my sister's future in-laws' house. This place is amazing. Tucked away, nestled in wide, tall trees. The kind of place some people choose for their vacation home, that this family chose to raise their kids in.

I wasn't sure I'd make it up here. Despite requesting the day off, I was scheduled to work. Found someone to cover my shift late Thursday, and left after my shift last night. I was told it would be an easy drive. I guess it wasn't so bad, except my directions were from my sister's drunken fiancé (extra e?) who told me things like, "Take 96" (it's 196) and "Take M6" (it only says 6 towards Lansing and he told me not to go that way) and "When you see a light turn left, then the next light turn right and I don't know any of the street names." So I went to Canada (not really) and finally found it. Thankfully, he waited up for me and had a beer ready.

We drank a few, went out on his family boat, which Praise The Lord didn't start because I for sure would have died, and then I passed out in the basement on an air mattress. Yes, I sang Conor Oberst while I drifted off.

Today is the shower. Which reminds me, I need to take one. So I'm off. Just wanted to post something slightly less emo than yesterday's random Ours tune.

xo. kb.

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