Friday, May 20, 2011

Out and about in Big Chicago.

The kids had the day off school. There's a lot we should probably have done around the house, cleaning, maybe some more cleaning, and then there's that cleaning that needs to get done... but, honestly, cleaning's kinda lame and I hate it, the kids hate it, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. So we decided to pack a lunch and go to Millennium Park.

I love MP. Love it. First time I was there was just passing through, on the way to Pritzker Pavillion to see Rogue Wave and DCFC. (Which, btw, was an oh yeah awesome show. Brought this one *points to self* to tears, and I'm anti-crying under most circumstances.) It was a warm June night, almost dark, and Crown Fountain was alive with kids running, splashing, screaming. I went back in the daytime with the kiddos a few weeks later. It's a blast to run around in the water at CF, to wait for the giant LED tower faces to spit, to sit in the sun surrounded by smooching couples, drippy kids, sunbathing art students, tourists. Good things abound at Millennium Park. Art and nature, music. It's the place I was at when I got my very first partial request. *love*

So we never plan our trip to MP, just go there when we need good mood, and man if today wasn't a great day for that. We're all sunburnt and exhausted and just a little more calm.

Listening to: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin's Daytrotter Session from 3.23.06


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