Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's not my fault- I'm a Virgo.

I posted some of my favorites on Twitter the other day. Not that anyone was particularly interested, more because I enjoy making lists. Here are some things I like to list: 1)favorite movies 2)favorite albums 3)favorite bands 4)favorite foods 5)favorite books.

Anyway, I listed my favorite book as GIRL by Blake Nelson. This is only mostly true. GIRL is my favorite book by someone other than myself (I love my books). Let me also stipulate that it is my favorite fictional book. My favorite non-fiction (though some of you naysayers might 'refudiate' that designation) is THE ONLY ASTROLOGY BOOK YOU'LL EVER NEED by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. She's right, you know. I'll never need another.

I got TOABYEN from my super fantastic and like-minded friend Babs (@babsmoran for those of you who enjoy following someone who never tweets and only posts cryptic messages or RFK quotes). Babs and I know this book like some people know the Bible and spend a great deal of our time analyzing our friends based on their astrological signs. I've used it to complete my personal birth chart and, in conjunction with WHAT YOUR BIRTHDAY REVEALS ABOUT YOU by Phyllis Vega, have analyzed and charted all my characters as well.

I've been given some crap about my obsession with astrology, and I think it's unwarranted. It's all very accurate. Let me explain. I am a Virgo, which means I am busy, both physically and mentally. I am intelligent, detail-oriented, and focused. But more specifically, I am a September 15th Virgo born at 5:19am CST in Chicago, which means so much more. Here is what I've learned about myself from charting my specifics:

I have a strong will and sense of self.
I am tenacious and resourceful.
I am independent, and strikingly original in speaking and writing.
I am an imaginative and stimulating parent.
I have a desire to achieve in life and will have good results in my career.
I am a leader in my circle.
I am a contemplative and insightful thinker.
I am emotional and sensitive, capable of giving true and selfless love.
I am solitary or reclusive.
I am unbelievably cute and 'extravagantly sensual'.

All true. Especially the last one, which I swear was in the book and not something I added myself. Anyway, there's a lot more to the chart, but they were all my negative characteristics and I didn't think you'd care about those.

So what does any of this have to do with anything? It doesn't. This is my blog and I like to talk about myself, so I did. However, to make this a worthwhile post for the rest of you, I am offering to do a complete birth chart for my 24th and 25th followers. Not because I'm a follower-hoarder, but because I want to be at 25. (It's divisible by 5. I prefer numbers that are divisible by 3 or 5, or the number 8 just because. Trust me, this is not weird at all.)

So followers 24 and 25, please comment below because I also prefer comments. I'll need to get some specific information from you, so we may have to exchange email addresses. Please don't let that frighten you. I for sure have no time for stalking while NaNo-ing.

Listening to: WHERE CURRENTS PULL playlist. If you've read it, you understand why it's the perfect choice.

xo. kb.


  1. I'd also like mention that I would never have known about the existence of WHAT YOUR BIRTHDAY REVEALS ABOUT YOU if I hadn't seen Taylor Swift talk about it on her behind-the-scenes dvd that I've watched maybe a million times. See? Kids are good for something!

  2. check out the sequel to GIRL, at FIGMENT.COM/DREAMSCHOOL

  3. I am not sure I can get behind dividing by five. It's just not that exciting. I mean, 5 year olds can do that. Three is ok, but seven is really what you should divide by, or things that are divisible by both 3 and 7, such as 441. You really should give something out when you have 441.

    I love astrology. It's even more fun than the myers-briggs. I'm a Virgo with Leo rising. Not to mention half my planets are Libra, if I recall correctly. So, I need both of those books? I have a wife and child that are both Aries and I need to understand them better.

  4. Patrick- Seven is overrated. Everyone loves seven. And if I waited for 441, I'd never give anything out. I can't seem to get past 23 (although I do love prime's as well). As a generous Virgo, I feel unfulfilled unless I'm giving something of myself, and time is my best gift. Also because I'm broke.

    You should probably invest in both, yes. Or you could be 24 and I'll do your chart. (Wink) You'll probably need them, as I'm seeing that Aries and Virgo are quite the tempestuous duo (or trio in your case)- even with your magnanimous Leo ascendant.

  5. Let's talk more about how awesome I am with my Leo ascendant!

  6. How like you to want to hear more about yourself. I'll tell you in your chart. I need: birth date, time of birth, and place of birth (specific). If you're still wondering about the Virgo/Aries struggle, have your wife follow and I'll do you both. Wait... that came out wrong.

  7. She does not exist. On the internet, I mean.

    I can't find a contact thing to send details to. My email is Patrick (near) Patrick-Alan (period) com

  8. I'm reading all sorts into that.