Monday, August 30, 2010

So I bought him a PBR

I went to Andersonville last night, to a hole in the wall bar called Simon's Tavern, to see Jason Narducy play. After his set, Telekinesis played (Jason's touring, playing bass). How cool is that? Their tour opens tomorrow in St. Louis, so this was a super sneak preview. They played well. I like it when the band interacts with the audience, and they talked with us between every song. We watched the Emmys and the news together. How fun!

Not fun was the dude sitting next to me at the bar before the band came on. As soon as I sat down, I heard him asking the bartender, "When does the band go on? How long do we have to wait? I thought they said 9." It was 915. Not a big deal, yo. Calm down. But whatever. Then he noticed the TV. "What is this? Some kind of award show?" The bartender replied, yes, the Emmys. "What's that? An award show for TV? What's TV? TV fucking sucks. Who even watches that shit anyway?" (I'm not exaggerating on the swearing.)

Okay. I am not specifically a TV watcher, but it's not because I hate TV or feel above it. I'm just otherwise busy. Believe me, I make time for Avatar: The Last Airbender and Chuck. But I could see that this guy was going the snob route. I tuned in with a curled lip.

"Oh, just look at all the white people. An entire room of well-dressed white people." He was shouting now, so I turned to get a look at him. Oh. A white guy. With a button down and a pair of nice pants. And Toms.

What an affected tool.

Listening to: The Darkness "Permission To Land"



  1. Yes, but he adds to your company of characters to utilize in your writing. He helped your novels in giving you another personality type in action to draw from when you need him in one of your future stories or novels.

    "Waste no jerk" is my writing motto. Even feces is good as fertilizer, right?

    You have a breezy, witty blog. Thanks, Roland

  2. Roland,
    You are so right. About the character fodder part. I haven't written an affected tool yet, but I bet he'd be awesome. In that love to hate him way.
    And I appreciate the blog compliment as well, but you forgot to mention how nice looking my bear is.
    *cheeky grin*

  3. Wow, something tells me you would kick my ass at scrabble. Love the line 'What an affected tool.' With my limited skill with language I might misunderstand that as a complement. Wait did she say? what an effective tool? Well all right!
    Nice meeting you today, look forward to reading more of your stuff.