Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Makes me insane.

If words or phrases were tangible objects, here are the ones I would smash with a hammer and burn:

Bump. In reference to a woman's pregnant belly. So freaking lame.

Tat or Ink. In reference to a tattoo. I know it's two whole syllables, but you can do it. Say them both.

Pop. In reference to a color. Like, "Ooh! That shade of paint really makes the room pop!" It was fine when designers used this phrase, like, ten years ago. It loses any cool when the rest of us use it each and every time we look at a throw or a pillow.

Cap. It's not a hat. It's a cappuccino. You drink it, you don't wear it on your head. Shortening the word does not make you any more in the know or cool. In fact, as a former barista, when I hear this phrase it gives me insta-cringe. I think: Douche.

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