Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be the first! There's a prize!

The transition of blogging on myspace to blogger has been a little like moving to a new home/new neighborhood for me. The new house is pretty cool. Bigger. More amenities. But I miss my old friends. The nice thing about myspace is that I have a lot of friends there who would comment back and forth with me. And of course the view counter on the "manage blog" page that tells you how many people have read you by day/week/ever. It's nice to know you're being viewed. Because let's be honest, the whole point of having a blog is so people will read it. If you just wanted to journal privately, you could do that on paper or create a document. Right?

So everyone has a skill, hopefully more than just one, but we all do at least one thing well. My one thing is an amazing ability to make a mix, I used to say tape, but now must say CD. It's something I do for friends for birthday presents, or for writing inspiration, or just because I love them. And now I'll make one for you. I'm giving away a custom-made CD for my very first follower.

How easy is that? Just follow, then comment below this post. I'll get in touch with you to find out what kind of music to put on your mix. *Disclaimer* I don't do Country or R & B. Sorry folks.

Listening to: The Promise Ring "Wood/Water"

xo. kb.

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