Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Not that you would ever ask me for that.

Here it is anyway.

Keep running. Even when your lungs burn and your muscles ache and your head is telling you you can't go any further. You can go further and you'll thank yourself later.

Don't eat. At least, not as much as you want. Ever. Always leave food on your plate and never take as much as you'd like to. Even on Thanksgiving. Drink something instead. Not a milkshake. Or a frappuccino. Nothing with whipped cream. Okay. You get my drift. Oh, and this bit is null and void if you have a hangover. Then forget the above.

Write. Write, write, write. Every day and especially if you don't feel like it. If your WIP is getting to you, write something completely different. Or journal. But get it out. Your story is so much better out than in.

Get up. Do not take that nap. Do not sit on that couch. Do not be lazy. Not ever. Always be doing something until it is time to go to sleep.

Save your sick day. You probably aren't as sick as you think. Push through it.

Pick up after yourself. (By this I also mean, don't make your wife/girlfriend/mother pick up after you.)

Finish what you start. Unless you turned on Batman Forever. Even I walked out on that movie.

Use sunscreen.

Dance, sing, and act ridiculous. As often as possible. And especially if you have kids. They learn joy from you. Show them you can feel it. Show yourself while you're at it.

Imagine the best kiss of your life. Formulate it in your mind, every detail from the feel of the lips, the pressure, the smell of him/her, the taste. Where will it be, what's the situation, the weather, your outfit, his/hers. Think of this kiss whenever you need something to uplift you. Think: this could happen to me. But never before bed. Believe me, it will not help you sleep.

That's all for now.

Listening to: The Jealous Sound "Kill Them With Kindness" again, because those boys haven't given me a whole lot to work with.

xo. kb.

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