Monday, January 25, 2010

I've finished.

I finished writing my second book. It took a ton less time than I thought it would- the last one took me the entire school year and I completed it on the kids' last day of school. I started this one, titled WHERE CURRENTS PULL if I haven't mentioned that yet, maybe a month before the school year (a little less than a year after starting the first) but finished last week, Friday. Originally had intended to be done by March, so I'm way ahead of schedule. I did a read-through this weekend and I don't think it's going to need a ton a lot of work. But we'll see on that one- I have two friends looking it over this week. Anyway, I love it. It's much more accessible than the other, maybe because it's smaller (100,000 words compared to 155,000)and takes place over less time. I will shop it around, probably starting next week, then work on editing book one, JUST A LITTLE RAIN, to make sure it's compatible with this one (they're companions, the first two in a series)and perhaps shorten it up a little.

Who knows when I'll start writing book three. It's in my brain already, but the home is falling apart and it looks like I'll be needing a real job. And I postpone that all the time, but now WCP is done and I feel that stressor gone. I think that I could get a full-time that I don't really care about just to bring in some money. It's not ideal, but what in life is? Maybe I'll sell a book this year, but in the meantime...

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